Laura Finkelstein
Navigating through the day we all examine and reexamine the places that we regularly encounter- the bedroom in which we greet the morning, the kitchen where we prepare our meals and the bathroom where we brush our teeth before retiring for the evening. Each of our spaces are so individually characterized. No two homes are the same. We gain such familiarity with these environments that they are ingrained in our memories. We can navigate through the darkness of our bedroom in the waking of our dreams and still sense where the door is.

The places that I encounter during the day are all woven into the map of my memory. All of these objects, walls and scenery come together within the structure of the rooms that I know best. These paintings are mostly developed in one of two studios. Just like as in the paintings, the walls are adorned with postcards, newspaper clippings, photographs and smalls studies. This visual stimulation in addition to the information that I consciously and subconsciously gather throughout the day come together to create the images you see in this body of work.